Sunday, December 5, 2010

Learning and Having Fun!

It's been a while since I crated the first post. I'm sorry I wanted to post something else a while ago, but I've been really busy at school, testing and more testing. I'm finally able to post something today! Last month the kids and I went to a couple very interesting field trips. The first one to the Hobby Center to listen and sing at The MusiQa performance. We sang in different languages, French, Portuguese, African, and of course in English. It was fun!!

Gavin and Jesus on the Way to MusiQa
Miguel is wearing my sun glasses, the sun was really bright that day!
Miguel, Noah, and Gabriel on the bus.
Ms. Carson and some of her students waiting for the show!
Here is Ms. Sonya, Gabriella, Gavin, and Ms. Totten waiting patiently for the show.
I could not forget two of my favorite people Carmen and of course my handsome son Leo being silly!
Isabella, Taylor, and Miguel at the Gems and Minerals Show!
Gabriella digging looking for gold!
Digging in action!
Gavin and Matilde paying attention to the presentation!
Here are some of the beautiful gems in the exhibition!
Ms. Stephanie and her group all engaged!
 Enrique and Gabriel looking at some ancient marine animals.

 Then we went to the Humble, TX Civic Center to the Gems and Minerals Show. It was a great field trip! The kids learned a lots about rocks and minerals. They bought many awesome rocks and fossils for a very chip price! I loved the fact that all of these amazing Geologists are really advocating their passion for Earth Science to children. Many of these people do their own digging and they sell all of their findings at the show for a very affordable price so the kids get motivated to start their own collections of rocks. I'm going to post some pictures for you to see the children engaged in the digging too and just having fun. Hope you enjoy looking at them and maybe you'll get to go next fall. The Gems and Minerals Show is presented only one every fall and stays open for the weekend.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Working Hard!

Hi Everybody! I'm new to this new technology of blogging, so please be patient with me. I'm very lucky to be working at and H.I.S.D public school that has a Montessori program. I have an amazing Lower Elementary Montessori class of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders at Garden Oaks Elementary. My students and I have been working hard and learning many different things since the beginning of the school year. We started with the study of the creation of the universe, the solar system, and earth. We made some experiments and then we focused on earth. The children took a long black strip or line about 30 meters long to represent the age of earth (about 4.6 billions of years) and laid it outside to see a visual representation of the passage of time since earth was created. The long black line has a tiny white strip at the very end of the line that represent the coming of human beings. The children were really shocked to see that humans had only been living on our planet for a very short period of time compared to how old is the earth. It was a really good lesson and we enjoyed it! We have learned so many other things too, we studied landforms and bodies of water and the kids had the chance to create models with sand and water! It was fun! 
Now my mission is to learn more about these blogs and how to manage them to post pictures of the class. I'm going to try hard to keep you updated about my class "Ms. Torres' Lower Elementary Super Stars"
Hasta la vista amigos!
Here we are learning about land forms and bodies of water
                                                     Noah, Gabriel, and Enrique

                                 Nataly, Jesus, and Gabriela
                        Taylor, Marina, Nancy, Gavin, and Steve.