Sunday, October 2, 2011

On Task!

Andrea working on Composing Numbers with Golden Beads

Miguel doing Money Work

Jennifer and Quinn

Samantha and Nancy working on Fractions

Gavin doing Checker Board Multiplication

Abigail alphabetizing words

Ella doing math facts

Matilde concentrating in fractions

Of course we also have fun at recess time!!

At Dismissal Time Abby and Jeniffer waiting for their ride.

Alana, Addison and Abigail... the A+ girls!
Our class is normalized and the children are on task and really working hard! Our class is very diverse in cultures, everyone brings something very special and unique in their own personalities to our class.  I really enjoy working with each and everyone, I'm very lucky to have such an amazing class!

Babana Bread....Yummy!!!

The children and I had so much fun the other day making banana bread. It was a good practical life lesson for them. We learned that everything takes time and there are several steps in the process. First we study the recipe, gather the ingredients and last we measured them. We learned about different tools and cooking utensils too. The children measured all the ingredients and everyone participated mixing them and following the recipe. We poured our batter into the baking pans and took them to the cafeteria oven. We baked them and counted the time 40 min exactly, then we pick them up, let them cool for a little while and then we enjoyed them. I was surprised, it was actually delicious!! The children and I came up to an agreement, if they do well the whole week then we get to bake something on Fridays!! Yeah, I'm exited...I love cooking and baking! Now the Kids want to do this more often and they want aprons! I don't know were can I get 22 of them! PAPA, I'm in trouble deep!
The ingredients

This is a very good recipe from a an old friend

More ingredients

Cooking utensils

Gabriel being silly!

The girls mixing

Alana paying attention to the recipe

Eddy smashing the bananas

Everyone Helping!